How Freelance Makeup Artist Jasmine Hand Packs her Kit in 2019

How Freelance Makeup Artist Jasmine Hand Packs her Kit in 2019

As a freelance makeup artist, we understand your day can become very chaotic very quickly. Especially when travelling between jobs where you may need to unpack / repack your kit, lighting tools and more.

Today, Professional Makeup Artist and Australian Beauty Influencer Jasmine Hand shows us how she optimises and packs her kit (and takes us on a tour of her beautiful salon!)

Can’t get enough of Jasmine Hand? Watch how she packed her kit in 2018 and how its changed in one year:

In case you missed it, we’ve condensed Jaz’s latest video into 5 key takeaways for any freelance makeup artist.

4 Tips for Freelance Makeup Artists when Packing

1. Find a Lightweight kit to make Interstate / International Trips easier. Your back will also thank you later.

Firstly, make sure your kit can fit within the carry-on baggage restrictions. For most Australian airlines, this is a maximum of 56cm high. Secondly, you want a kit that is as light as possible given the further weight restrictions. Imagine having a 7kg restriction and your bag itself weighs 6kg!

Depending on the job, Jaz switches between her Etoile Collective PRO Artist Trolley Travel Case (3.6kg) and PRO Artist Essential Travel Kit (0.9kg).

2. Where Possible, Pack Less Product.

Jasmine’s hack? On Bridal days, where the Bride and Bridesmaids have already been in for a trial and know the look they want, Jaz will pack specifically for their pre-agreed looks (plus a few additional options), but leaves behind the bulk of her extra lipstick colours, foundation colours and pigments. This helps cut down her packing time!

3. Removable Clear Cases are a Game-changer.

When you’re carrying so much around, it can be quite easy to forget where everything is placed. Jaz uses clear cases with a transparent front to help her quickly identify products (also helps a tonne with organisation too)! For Bridal days, Jaz separates her 8 clear cases by:

  1. Eye primers, face primers and concealers
  2. Eyeliners and brow products
  3. Pigment pots
  4. Lip products
  5. Foundations and setting sprays
  6. Compact, powders and palettes
  7. Lashes and other accessories
  8. Brushes

4. More Pockets, More YES!

Find a kit with enough outer pockets for the other necessities. Jaz chooses to take:

  • Bin liners
  • Paper towel
  • Mini kits to leave with each client (lipstick sample, cotton tip, powder puff and business card)

5. Bring a Reliable Light Source for Content.

Need we say more? To ensure your hour of hardcore glamming lives on forever (on your website / socials), make sure to take a reliable light source to give your photos that pop of light! This will also accurately capture the colours of your clients face and removes uneven, harsh shadows.

Jaz has the Etoile Collective IlluminateMe 18” Ring Light set up in her salon and packs it for on-the-go jobs.


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