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Mini Iconic Vanity Table: White $650.00
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Iconic Vanity Table: White $720.00
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Iconic Vanity Table: Black $720.00
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Iconic XL Vanity Table $900.00
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Kara Vanity Table $750.00
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Stylish vanity tables that’ll unleash your inner beauty guru

If there's one thing we know, it’s that standing in the bathroom, leaning over a sink, under harsh fluorescent lighting, with minimal counter space, is not an enjoyable way to get ready. Especially when it’s a routine that most of us do daily.

So then what? Well, that’s when you invest in a dedicated beauty area or nook (if you’re light on space!) We believe that an ETOILE vanity table is an unmissable addition to your morning / evening routine for many reasons. The main one being that it’ll transform the way you get ready. Imagine not having to dash between your bedroom / bathroom / toiletry bags & [insert other place where your beauty is kept]. Wouldn’t that be a dream! And imagine the time you could save!

ETOILE’s vanity tables in Australia are the classy and sleek masterpiece that your space needs, especially if you’re sick of trying to balance all of your products on the bathroom sink as you’re scrambling to find your black eyeliner that you swear you used just last night. Same.

Light on space? Create a beauty nook with our smaller vanity tables and matching mirror

The perfect pair: A modern vanity table and lighted mirror

Well, it’d be remiss of us to suggest creating a beauty nook and not having a solution for the single most important aspect when getting ready: lighting!

All ETOILE vanity tables are compatible with our range of mirrors (our Iconic Vanity Tables even have pre-drilled holes so you can mount a mirror straight on for an extra sleek look) so you can achieve the ultimate vanity table with mirror look. Pictured above is our Mini Iconic Vanity Table in white and the Crystal Slimline Vanity Mirror. Cute, huh!

If you’ve been wishing, wanting and dreaming of adding a vanity makeup table to your set up, then look no further than our modern, white vanity tables: The Kara Vanity Table featuring a solid white-gloss table top and the Iconic series, a glass-top. The smooth pull out drawers on these are the perfect, organised home for your beauty goodies to sit pretty in (the ones that would otherwise be sitting at the bottom of your cosmetic case). The easily accessible drawers will allow you to neatly display and organise your beauty goodies, ensuring that no product gets left behind or even worse, forgotten about! Psst: Remember that time you forgot you purchased *that* product and when you finally found it, it was past it’s expiry date? (We’re looking at you Miss Beauty Loop Level 3)!

We know this sounds like every makeup lover's dream and you’re probably overflowing with excitement at the thought of getting a new vanity table. And who are we to keep you waiting! Lucky for you, we offer 4 hour delivery within Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan areas for all vanity mirrors and furniture orders that are placed before 2pm AEST! If it’s 1:57pm when you’re reading this, we suggest you add to cart and get in quick to ensure your new vanity is on your doorstep by dinner time!

ETOILE Collective Kara Vanity Table and Hollywood Classic XL Vanity Mirror

If you’re after equally epic organisation for your vanity table, then we’re pleased to let you know that they were designed with our organisation range in mind: Any variation of our 52cm Alex dividers are the perfect match with the Kara Vanity Table, and the 42cm dividers are suited to the Iconic range.

If you’re more of a mix & matcher, for the Iconic, we recommend 1x EC 6 Display Tray and 1x 8 Compact Holder MED for one of the drawers. And for the other, you could grab the EC 2 Display Tray, EC 3 Display Tray and the 24 Lipstick Holder. This should give you a variety of storage spaces to organise all parts of your makeup collection. 

If it’s not just practicality you’re seeking, and good lighting is a priority too, then the addition of a vanity mirror is the ultimate way to elevate your routine. Good lighting, always. Bad selfies, never again.

And if it’s the glass-top Iconic table that has captured your heart, the good news is that your vanity tables with light up mirrors are now compatible without needing a base! The Iconic Vanity tables pre-drilled holes to mount any horizontal ETOILE Vanity Mirror, and silicone plugs will be included to fill any exposed holes to make your space clean and seamless (only applicable for vanity mirrors purchased after December 2020).

Considerations when choosing a vanity table

Our top 3 considerations to keep in mind when choosing your new vanity table:

  1. Storage: Remember! The goal of setting up a dedicated beauty spot is so your collection doesn’t have to be sprawled across the table. So something with ample space and offers enough storage space is 🔑 (thankfully, all our vanity tables are compatible with organisers - see our Drawer Organiser Quiz for more)
  2. Size: Beware of dimensions! Large tables are cute and extra storage is always a win but don’t overlook the dimensions as there’s nothing cute about a huge delivery, having it assembled and realising it doesn’t work in your space
  3. Style: What does your aesthetic lean towards? Modern? Classic? Lighter tones? Darker tones? Choose something that matches your existing interior. 

Still got questions? Get in touch! Feel free to live chat us if we’re online, or contact us at

Transform Your Beauty Routine with The Perfect Vanity Table

Transform your beauty routine with ÉTOILE's stylish range of vanity tables, designed to unleash your inner beauty guru. Gone are the days of leaning over the bathroom sink under harsh lighting—ÉTOILE vanity tables bring elegance and efficiency to your daily preparations, turning your beauty rituals into a dreamy, time-saving delight.

Crafted for Elegance and Efficiency

ÉTOILE understands the transformative power of a well-organized beauty space. Our vanity tables are crafted not just for style but for optimal functionality, ensuring everything you need is at your fingertips. From modern glass tops to classic white gloss, our tables are designed to complement any room décor while making your beauty routine smoother and more enjoyable.

Explore a Variety of Vanity Table Styles and Features

Our collection includes:

  • Kara Vanity Table: Featuring a solid white-gloss tabletop with smooth pull-out drawers, perfect for keeping your beauty products organized and easily accessible.
  • Iconic Series: Offers a sleek glass top that adds a touch of sophistication to your beauty room. It comes with pre-drilled holes for mounting ÉTOILE mirrors directly, creating a seamless and chic look.
  • Mini Iconic Vanity Table: Ideal for those light on space, this table pairs perfectly with our Crystal Slimline Vanity Mirror for a compact yet stylish setup.

Designed with Practicality and Style in Mind

Our vanity tables are not only about appearance but also functionality:

  • Storage: Each table is designed to offer ample storage space, compatible with our range of drawer organizers to keep your beauty products tidy and organized.
  • Size: Available in various sizes, our tables fit beautifully into any space, whether you're decking out a spacious room or a cozy nook.
  • Style: Choose from a range of designs to match your personal and interior style, from modern minimalist to timeless classic.

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