Alex Drawer Dividers | Instructions

We have designed the Alex Drawer Dividers to be assembled such that the finished product can be carried without the acrylic strips falling out. Please follow the instructions below to set up your new dividers!


(1) Take 1x 29cm acrylic strip and 2x 42cm or 52cm strips

(2) Place the 29cm strip on top of the 42cm or 52cm strips until they click into place as such:

(3) Repeat step 2 by continuing to place all other 29cm strips on top of the 42cm or 52cm strips until you have assembled the desired layout. E.g. If you would like wider sections, use every 2nd or 3rd slot for the 29cm strips


(4) After you have arranged the 29cm strips, continue by then placing the 42cm or 52cm strips depending on how you would like to organise your layout.
We suggest:
• For palettes, requires 0x 42cm / 52cm strips
• For compacts, requires 2x 42cm / 52cm strips
• For eyeshadows or smaller compacts, requires 3x 42cm / 52cm strips





(5) Enjoy the finished product which you can carry around by holding the outer two 42cm / 52cm strips without all internal strips falling out! (Shown in red below)