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Ring Lights in Australia: Let’s create beautiful, well-lit content! 💡

Overwhelmed by all the ring light options, sizes, types and models? Wondering what on EARTH a CRI is? Let’s unpack all the industry jargon together. Why take our word for it? Etoile Collective’s ring lights and light stands have been used by industry professionals, makeup artists, YouTubers and content creators for years. So here we'll spill the facts, minus the mumbo-jumbo industry jargon.

Here's what a ring light can do for you:

  • Illuminate any space with dark, dull lighting
  • Remove shadows from the subject
  • Show off true colours or intricate details
  • Super portable and compact - great for travelling freelance makeup artists

Here’s who a ring light may be suitable for:

  • Makeup artists
  • YouTubers (great to film tutorials with)
  • Content creators (a dream to light up flat lays!)
  • Beauty technicians (nail, brow, eyelash)
  • Tattoo artists

PS. Still wondering what a CRI is? It’s a Colour Rendering Index and is essentially a measure of how accurate the light source is in terms of reflecting the true colour of something.

The Etoile Collective IlluminateMe Ring Light. Featuring a camera and mirror attached to the ring light.

Ring Lights for Makeup: Are you a makeup artist? Listen up 📢

If you’re late to the ring light trend, don’t worry. It’s definitely still a thing. Etoile Collective has helped thousands of Australian makeup artists capture beautiful, well-lit content to boost their portfolio and social media.

Looking to grow your freelance makeup artistry business? Almost all clients are seeking out new artists on Instagram, scrolling through their feed (or portfolio) before making a quick-fire decision on whether they like him/her or not. My point? Your feed matters! Your content matters! Make it count! How? With crisp content and flawless lighting that you can achieve by using a ring light.

Professional Ring Lights: We include all the tools to mount cameras & more

Get more bang for your buck. Choose an LED ring light kit that includes all the accessories you would ever need. All Etoile Collective ring light kits include:

  • Double-sided mirror attachment
  • Carry case
  • Smartphone and camera mount
  • Wireless Bluetooth remote (connects to your smartphone to take hands-free selfies and videos)

The Etoile Collective Ring Lights are also fully automatic. Forget manually changing warm/cool filters. Find brightness and temperature dials at your fingertips for easier and faster transitions.

Whether you’ve got your eye on our IlluminateMe 18” Ring Light, 14” Ring Light, or 12” Ring Light, you’ll also be able to mix and match the tripods and stand designs (like a table base)! Sooo. If you wanted to turn the 18” Light into a tabletop unit or the 12” Light into a floor unit, that is totally doable. E.g. Our 18” Light fits on the weighted table base. And our 12” Light fits on the tripod. Ta-da! 🎉

Most importantly, enjoy a 2-year limited warranty on your new ring light. Technical fault within two year? We’ve got you covered.

Transform any dull, shadow-filled spaces to a well-lit content haven

Ring Light Vs. Multi-Glow Light

Comparing our lighting tools and wondering whether you need a Ring Light or a Multi-Glow Light? Here’s the info you need to know. Have another question? Live chat us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Lighting (brightness, temperature): The brightness and temperature across both units are the same. However, when the arms of the Multi-Glow light are further apart, the light is spread across a larger space and can thus overall appear to be not as bright.

Flexibility / convenience of use: If you are looking to create content in multiple settings and will need to constantly re-angle or re-position the ring light with stand, we recommend opting for the Multi-Glow light. The greatest feature of this light is the ability to angle, flex, reposition and redirect the lighting in any angle you wish, without having to unscrew/rescrew (as you will on the ring light). This makes it super easy to go from a makeup tutorial to a flatlay!

If you are also looking to avoid the ring light reflection in your eyes (IYKYK), we would recommend opting for the Multi-Glow light as you are able to manipulate how this is reflected in someone’s eye.

Located in metro Melbourne? Enjoy Same-Day Delivery on your new Ring Light!

If you’re in Melbourne, Australia, we are about to knock your socks off with our shipping speed. Enjoy the option of same business day delivery when you order before 2pm. Reading this in the AM? You can start create bright, well-lit content by tonight!. Enhance your content creation journey immediately with a ring light that’s been sitting on your wishlist for far too long. Ready to get started?

And finally, some quick-fire FAQs around Australia's best ring light:

  • Can you mount both the mirror and a smartphone on the 18” Ring Light at once? Yes you can!
  • Do I have to pay for shipping if the items arrives damaged? Nope, if anything arrives damaged or if a technical problem presents within 2 years, you are covered by our two (2) year limited-warranty and we’ll cover all shipping costs
  • Do you offer any buy now, pay later options? We do! In Australia, choose between Zip Pay, AfterPay and Humm. In New Zealand, we also have AfterPay

Anything else? Get in touch with us. We’d love to help you choose your perfect lighting tool!