Beauty Salon Decor Ideas for 2019

Beauty Salon Decor Ideas for 2019

Whether you’re opening up a new salon or you’re keen to add a modern twist to your current salon by giving it a makeover, there are so many trends that’ll get your customers talking about and loving your space.

From bright lights to cocktails bars (mimosa time), and designated fun photo areas, all of these ideas are proving pretty popular, taking the modern salons by storm.

Welcome 2019, and all of the fun beauty salon décor ideas that’ll give your special clients the ultimate pampering experience.

Insta-Worthy Photo Areas

Incorporate a trademark wall, a fun neon sign or even a hanging swing as an eye-grabbing area for your customers. Hair and beauty salons have been around for years (praise the lord), so doing something different with your décor is the perfect way to stand out.

Anything shareworthy will lead to lots of customer photos which means more content for your own social pages AND is basically free social promotion for your brand. Just remember, a fun salon experience makes a regular client…

A Coffee/ Cocktail Bar

Yes, yes, and yes to this. Trendy blowout bars across London and New York started this trend and its proven pretty popular across some of the best salons in the world. For the ultimate in Sex and The City vibes, channel your inner Carrie and order a mimosa whilst your get preened and pampered, or wake yourself up with your morning coffee and a glam mag.

Having a bar means that you’ll be able to host hens parties, industry nights and social events in the future, plus quite simply, why wouldn’t you want cocktails on tap?

Modern & Glam Accessories

As most of the time your client will be in your salon, they’re going to be sat down looking at themselves in the mirror, you’re going to want to make the mirror, a pretty one. We’re talking Hollywood mirrors encased with LED light bulbs, crystal shimmering frames and a glistening premium chrome base finish.

The perks aren’t only aesthetic deep either. Enjoy dimmable lighting, USB ports and Bluetooth speakers for the ultimate in cutting-edge technology.

Clashing Prints

Back in 2018 (all those 3 months ago), wallpaper experienced a new revival and the trend of fun prints and patterns will continue to take over the interior scene. Embrace textured wallpaper, contrasting prints and accessories for a modern twist in your beauty salon. Think less minimal and more drama. From over the top wallpapers (more is more) to velvet and faux fur cushions, it’s all about the maximalist interior look and we’re huge fans.

It’s time to move away from the minimalist vibe and inject all of the fun into your interior aesthetic with eclectic décor.

If you’re giving your beauty salon a well-deserved makeover, make sure you incorporate the latest lighting products and mirrors for a contemporary vibe that’ll have your clients loving the whole pampering experience. So, to all beauty bosses, discover the collection of products and accessories at Etoile Collective today.