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Medium GLWTRTTR® Portable Mirror $210.00
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Dream Vanity Mirror $55.00
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10X Magnifying Mirror with Suction $55.00
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Pink Handheld Mirror $12.00
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Black Handheld Mirror $12.00
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If you are beholden to natural lighting for a successful makeup application, we’re here to tell you: You don’t have to be! Imitate natural lighting with a high-quality desk mirror with lights so you can get the best makeup application every hour of the day - without shadows and without dull appearances.

Other benefits of a makeup desk with a lighted mirror? 

  1. Having a dedicated beauty space in your room with mirror and desk combination will prevent you from dashing between your bedroom and your bathroom whilst getting ready
  2. Allows you to get ready on your terms, without needing to chase natural sunlight
  3. A vanity desk with mirror and drawers will make it easier than ever before to stay organised

Whether you spend a lot of time in your beauty room/nook for work, or it's the place you go to get ready for a night out, having a vanity desk with an illuminated mirror will make your time in there feel like a treat and something to look forward to every day! And why shouldn’t you treat yourself! 💆

Here are your desk mirror options:

    • Our range of small, portable and lightweight desk mirrors are easy to assemble and collapse so they’ll easily fit in your carry case or handbag. Our favourite pick? Dream Vanity Mirror in White or Blush
    • Need something with magnification? Our 10X magnifying mirror with suction can attach onto most surfaces making certain processes much easier. Think: contact lenses, lash application, tweezing, popping and picking (whilst these activities we do not endorse 😌)
    • After something bigger with greater functionality? Our Crystal Vanity Mirror collection has all you sleek and sophisticated people covered, while the Hollywood collection was made for those looking for a statement, ultra glamorous addition to your vanity desk

Or are you looking for the perfect base for your light up mirror? Our Kara and Iconic vanity desks with drawers to keep your makeup organised and safe is the place to start! Our Iconic Vanity Table even has pre-drilled holes so you can mount a matching ETOILE Makeup Mirror

So what are you waiting for! Let’s complete your space with a makeup table with a desk mirror!